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Our Story

Vincenzo’s was opened in 1988 by Vincenzo and Marilyn Occhipinti. They found love in 1957 as hairstylist in Syracuse, New York, wHere their families immigrated to from Collesano, Sicily to become shoemakers at the Nettleton Shoe Factory.  As hairstylist working together, they would often bring in delicious, made from scratch food for their co-workers and clients.  Their co-workers encouraged them to pursue their true passion and talent in the art of Sicilian cooking.  It was always their dream to bring their family recipes to us all, and they did for over 30 years right here in lake Elsinore.  Vincenzo had been serving people all his life, first the feet then the head and now the stomach.  It had come time for Vincenzo and Marilyn to retire and enjoy their lives; traveling to the places they love, the places that had inspired this little place we Call Vincenzo’s’ Olive Tree.  

This is when the next chapter began for this amazing restaurant.

In 2019 During our Grandma's birthday dinner, at Vincenzo's of course, we learned from Vincenzo that he was looking to sell the restaurant, we knew we wanted to be the new owners and keep it the place we all know and LOVE.   Customers of over 20 years, Glenn and Carlene Jackson, purchased our favorite restaurant that we have been enjoying since we were young children eating here with our families. We both grew up here locally and were high school sweethearts at Temescal Canyon High School here in Lake Elsinore, so owning a piece of Lake Elsinore history is a dream come true!  We purchased Vincenzo’s to ensure this place does not go away; from the home-style cooking, to the friendly staff and the hot, fresh rolls and salsa to the meals that feed us for a few days, all while preserving the beautiful ambiance created with the murals painted by a local artist, Robin Golden.  Our goal is that our grandchildren and their grandchildren will get to enjoy this restaurant just as we have all these years.  

We look forward to serving you, your family and friends for many many years.  Thank you for your continues support and the memories you make with us!  Gratzi!

~ Glenn & Carlene Jackson ~

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