Born in Collesano, Sicily, Vincenzo worked with his father until 1955 when he, his father and two brothers came to America. Just one day after their arrival in New York, all four found jobs at the Nettleton Shoe Factory in Syracuse. They were then able to send for Vincenzo’s mother and youngest brother who had stayed behind in Collesano.

In 1957 Vincenzo met his wife Marilyn, a hair stylist, and in 1960 they moved to Southern California. Vincenzo immediately fell in love with the area. It reminded him of this Sicilian homeland.

He enjoyed watching Marilyn at work in a beauty salon and soon decided he too would become a hair stylist. After his graduation from beauty school, Vincenzo and Marilyn opened their first salon, located in Orange County in 1964. Since he and Marilyn both loved to cook, they would often bring some of Vincenzo's many Italian dishes to the shop and shared with their clients. Once the clients had tasted his authentic Sicilian meals, people couldn’t get enough. In between haircuts, Vincenzo could be found cooking for clubs and hosting open houses to serve up a “little bit of homemade Sicilian heaven”. After 25 years of styling hair and raising three children, Vincenzo finally saw his dream come true - a small Italian restaurant of his own - Vincenzo’s Olive Tree Ristorante Italiano. Here he prepares all the food himself the hard way - from scratch - just like he does at home and he will never change. Vincenzo wants to keep his restaurant small and personable so he can come from the kitchen to talk with you - his friends and make the food you love to eat.

Vincenzo has been serving people all his life. First the feet, then the head and now the stomach. Once you’ve tasted his authenic homestyle Italian cooking, you’ll be back again, and again, and AGAIN!